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Differences between F yogurt and other companies.

F Yogurt uses only 100% Hokkaido milk and does not contain any additives. In addition, by carefully removing the water from 1 kg of yogurt, you can make 400 to 450 g of F yogurt. Since it takes a lot of time and effort to make only a small amount of F yogurt, the price is high. That's why we are particular about ingredients and flavors that you want to continue taking every day.

skimmed milk powder
Skimmed concentrated milk
Not used

Of genuine

From 1kg of yogurt
Only 400-450g can be taken

Other companies usually do not drain the water because it takes time and effort.

over it

Other companies don't drain the water, so they use skim milk powder, processed starch, and coagulants to make it hard.

Made in Hokkaido
milk only

Other companies do not use skim milk powder, skim concentrated milk, or high-cost milk.

Comparison with other companies

raw materials flavor and texture
F Greece
raw milk
(Made in Hokkaido)
Since no powder ingredients are used, it has a smooth texture. It has less of the sourness that is typical of yogurt, and has a taste similar to cream cheese.
Company A Dairy products (domestic production)
*Dairy products consist of skim concentrated milk and citric acid.
Skimmed concentrated milk is an easy-to-work liquid dairy product that is made by removing fat from raw milk and concentrating it to about three times its original size. Although it is not listed on the ingredients list, it contains citric acid, a food additive that has a preservative effect and gives it a moderate sour taste, giving it the sour taste typical of yogurt. Because it contains citric acid, it has a slightly sour taste. The texture is similar to that of Hokkaido Greek yogurt.
Company B Dairy products (domestic production)
*Dairy products consist of skim milk powder and skim concentrated milk.
Skimmed milk powder is raw milk that has had the fat removed and is made into a powder. Because it uses skim milk powder, it is not very smooth and has a powdery feel. Also, due to the skim milk powder, there is almost no milky taste.

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