Store owner's father was aiming at the best apple pie in Japan. He spent  time and effort for it, and he was making homemade pie dough.
He wanted a customer to taste a fresh and rich apple pie.
It was the process which pie dough not using water but using yogurt that he thought important in particular.
And this yogurt was one of the important material which affecting the flavor and light and flaky texture of the apple pie.
An apple pie became popular, but he pursued gusto and continues to improve.
So he also wished for good quality in the material of the apple pie. Of course yogurt also.
The special material was created by the process aiming at the best apple pie in Japan.
"Nothing added or anything added,both of yogurt are taste good."
That’s “FYOGURT”.

"F" is the yogurt specialty shop which will provide the "Nothing added or anything added,both of yogurt are taste good " created by the good material and a good process.
Store owner's father considered "hill in Irumu" and "yogurt" especially.
We find the new value in something to inherit from him at the place where he thought importantly.
We inherit. We connect. We pass on.There is the place he made important.
A person will be born from mother, look at the way father walked and live through oneself. Before we knew it,the life started.
It was on the big means with which the family is supported and the reliable groundwork.
It's different from a bond of mother and  child.
It will bicome an irreplaceable come from precious time with father and  child.
We wants you to come happiness time in a life. So we named  "F" choose from one character in "Father" word.


Tomato Salad Yogurt

Tomato,Pontabaile,Cheese,Garlic oil,Black pepper,Basil
(Pontabaile:Corn snack made by Honda)

Strawberry Yogurt

Strawberry,Granola,Strawberry sauce,Honey

Chocolate Yogurt

Chocolate,Granola,Chocolate sauce,Honey

Blueberry Yogurt

Blueberry,Granola,Blueberry sauce,Honey,Black pepper

Pineapple and Apple Yogurt

Pineapple,Granola(apple and salt),Apple jam,Honey,Black pepper

Strawberry & Orange Yogurt


Cheese Salad Yogurt

Cucumber,Carrot,Cheese,Apple jam,Granola,Black pepper,Olive oil,Basil



Limited edition  “Drinkable Yogurt”


It's possible to buy this goods from Honda’s website.>>


“Premium F’s apple pie ” is “F YOGURT” only product.

When eating, cotton candy is melted by pouring hot maple syrup over it.

"Fyogurt" shop is built on the “hill in Irumu” full of nature with a view of the Sorachi plains.
There is a cafe space is in the store, so it's enjoy the taste "F yogurt" while looking at the vast scenery of Hokkaido.
There is also space of kids where children can play freely. So it would be a good time in a laughing for an adult and a child .
A theme is "the store where a parent and child would like to be here all day".
Space of kids is an entrance like a hideout of a secret.
Children would play happily at the block made with a tree made in a forest in Yamagata "MOKULOCK" at the space.
The small store where Nagasaki's vintage clothing store "Gonuts", organic ingredients, miscellaneous goods and silverware are sold enters this store.
This space just like the toy box .
"F yogurt" can be tasted pleasantly comfortably in the nature.
Please enjoy yourself with the landscape of the hill in Irumu on a fine day.

777 Otoe, Otoe-cho,Fukagawa-shi,Hokkaido 074-1273, Japan
t.0164-26-3200/ f.0164-26-3201
Open:Fri,Sat,Sun,and Public holiday
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